Perfect Summer Wine

So I just tried this wine after having it our cellar for a few years now. I remember going to this winery to taste test and picked it up, but can't remember it being this incredible.

If you're looking for that perfect Rose. This is it. it's full of flavor but still dry and crisp. To me I could taste strawberry but the winery states rhubarb and red fruit...not sure if that includes strawberries.
Anyway it's delicious and I can't recommend it enough.

I don't see the 2013 available any longer but the 2014 seems to be rated well.


The BEST Nail Polish

I cannot believe how great this polish is and can't wait to tell you about it. It's the Infinite Shine by OPI it's a long wear nail polish that you apply at home and is not a gel. I purchased mine at Sally's Beauty (in Canada) but I'm sure it's available in many salons and stores. The picture below is after 7 days wear. I'm not kidding either!!

It's not always this great after a week but I can promise you it's a lot better then the regular OPI polish or any other regular polish I've tried.
When you purchase the nail polish the key is to get the base coat along with your color and the top coat. I have a little trick I like to think helps it last longer (who knows) I like to start applying the color while the base coat is still slightly tacky. I feel it makes more of a bond to the nail, and less chips in the end.
I think these would also make a great gift, but make sure to get the base coat and top coat. :)

Vibrant Puerto Vallarta | Where we like to stay and recommendations

Puerto Vallarta is a place I've been visiting since a kid.  It's not too expensive and I feel it has a lot to offer in terms of things to do and relaxation. It's very tropically dense there which really adds to the appeal for me.

Me and my partner really enjoying staying on the southern side of the city, in the Conchas Chinas area which is close to the romantic zone. This is far from the large all inclusive resorts and more near smaller hotels and villa's, although there are still some moderately sized hotels to be found. This area is all hillside, so depending where you stay it can be a hike back up to your room, but it's so worth it!

This past December we stayed at the Grand Miramar All Luxury Resort and Suites. This hotel is WAY up the mountain.  You wouldn't want to walk to the beach, unless you're into a really good burn on the way back. Every morning I really looked forward to walking down and up the hill (part way). It was so scenic I couldn't get enough of the view and all the birds around in the lush rain forest.
 The hotel was really nice, but more quiet than I expected (and I don't like a noisy or too crowded hotel). There were multiple pools and a stunning roof top infinity edge pool right by the restaurant.  The view of the ocean, and city, plus being nestled right against the lush jungle mountains made for an unforgettable experience.
Food in the hotel restaurants was good but nothing to remember or write home about.

Our previous trip in 2015 we stayed at a rental apartment which I really liked and would highly recommend. It was walk-able to the town but still a workout to get back. Here is the link to the condo: Casa de la Rosa ll 
Grand Miramar rooftop pool

The romantic zone is really special. Although it does cater to tourists it's not your typical touristy part of Puerto Vallarta.... if that makes any sense... The main city area of PV is where you'll find the really touristy parts, but the romantic zone is all about smaller businesses, better restaurants and nicer boutiques as well as excellent art galleries.

A few of our favorite spots to eat are Ponchos Tacos for a quick inexpensive bite. La Palapa for beach front dining, a tad pricey but well worth it. You can sit right on the sand if you choose. For location and somewhere unique to go we like Le Kliff Restaurant it's great for a special occasion.
Ponchos Tacos

We came across the Conchas Chinas beach which we'd never been to before and now that we know of it I'm sure we will spend a lot more time there on our next trip. The sand is very soft, and water was the clearest I've witnessed in Puerto Vallarta.

For a stellar day trip I can't recommend enough to head to Yelapa. Don't get sucked into the tour packages you can go yourself by taking a $15 - $20 cab ride from town to the bay (25min drive) where you need to catch a water taxi. The water taxi ride was about 20-30mins long and comes multiple times per day. When we went it was $7US.

Yelapa Waterfall

Once there, there are waterfalls and and venders to purchase from. There are smaller restaurants on the beach. Its a quaint little town that takes you back to another era. Just be sure to figure out times for the water taxi as that's the only way out. There are no roads back to Puerto Vallarta.


Breakaway to the Sunshine Coast/ What to do, Where to Stay

The Sunshine Coast is beautiful, and the best part is it's very close to Vancouver, with the ferry ride being only about 40 mins, you could be there in just over an hour.

We went over the other day just for one night, although I would have preferred much longer...
Francis Point Hike
I feel as if it's a whole new world, so close to the hustle of Vancouver but yet worlds away,  peaceful and much slower paced. The people are all so friendly; we didn't encounter one rude person what-so-ever. You feel free to relax unwind and not worry about how you look, or traffic, or anything! No stress.

The larger cities/towns on the Sunshine Coast are Gibsons and Sechelt. I've been to Gibsons once before to eat at the famous Molly's Reach (where they filmed The Beachcombers), but we didn't end up going this time round.
Francis Point Hike
We did stop in Sechelt for an awesome and HIGHLY recommended meal at The Basted Baker. Tried their Lemon + Chive Smashed Avocado Benny, and my man had their Local Smoked Salmon Benny. Out of the two I would say his was better, but they were both incredibly good!
We then walked around town and along the ocean promenade. I did notice it can be pretty windy there so come prepared.

We drove a bit up the coast to Madeira Park, it's a small community in Pender Harbour with a small quaint village. We did a really beautiful hike there to Francis Point. It was just perfect if you want something to get your heart rate up a bit but nothing too hard. It was along the ocean so it was very scenic, in my opinion it was a perfect hike, and highly recommended.

For dinner there's a nearby pub that's fairly popular in the area about 5-10 mins up the highway called The Grasshopper Pub. I had the butter chicken which seems odd for a pub, but if you like your typical butter chicken you'll really like this, it was nice and spicy filled with flavor!

In the Hospital Bay where La Verne's Grill is 
For accommodations there are many places to stay in the area, if you're into luxury you can stay at the Painted Boat Resort, or the unique Rockwater Resort  where you stay in luxurious tents ( I stayed here once before and highly recommend this, especially if you're looking for something different). If you're on a budget or just don't feel the need for luxury I really recommend Stonewater Motel, they are very pet friendly and the lady that runs it is extremely friendly, they also offer camping as well. We stayed here without any reservations with our dog, so I was really happy to have found a bed! If you're looking to rent a cabin I seen Pender Habour Resort offers cabins and yurt Rentals along with campsites. They have a nice pool and are situated right on the water at the marina.

The next day we did a little hike at Daniel Point (hard to find) , then drove around and had lunch at La Verne's Grill, I really liked the slow pace and old school charm here... it was a nice treat to sit in the sun outside on the picnic table enjoying some ice cream. The whole vibe of the Sunshine Coast really brings you back to a time when life was slow paced, I think you'll really appreciate it ;) 

La Verne's Grill

Gucci Loafer Dupes

Mules and Loafers are tremendously popular right now. They came back in trend and recent popularity again during 2016 largely from Gucci. Gucci has and always will be famous for their horsebit loafer, but I would say that is their signature shoe for the season, year, and past year...for sure really on fire!
Their collection is incredible from wild prints, jacquard and the fur hanging out the back to the more classic solid tone leather mule.
 Gucci Loafer
Gucci Princetown Loafer
There are many 'dupes' on the market so if you're after the look of the mule, but don't want to pay that high Gucci price tag check these top picks out!

This one is a nice classic at a much more affordable price than the Gucci Loafer, it's the Annie Loafer Mule, by Linea Paolo. What I like about it is the classic design, not too out there in anyway, it comes in a variety of classic colors as well as this animal print which is my favorite!
Annie Loafer Mule Linea Paolo

If you love bright colors and patterns this mule is for you. It's the Ravis Tassel Loafer mule. It comes in a greyish velvet as well as this amazing print with the tassel.
Ravis Tassel Loafer Mule by Jeffrey Campbell

From Free People (didn't know they were doing shoes) is this awesome metallic mule. It comes in a bunch of different metallic as well as a textured snake leather in a few neutral colors. Very affordable.
At Easer Loafer Mule by Free People

Moisturize the Natural Way...Using Olive Oil

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It's a shame I have a drawer filled with drugstore beauty products, but I haven't been using them at all lately! I've gone natural I guess you could say, but I will use them again in the fall.

For the sunnier weather I've really been enjoying using olive oil on my skin. It's such a perfectly balanced form of hydration for your skin. It soaks in well, and if you happen to put too much on just lightly pat your face with a tissue to absorb any extra.
I've been finding olive oil to be really great before bed, I even rub it on my face then use a cotton pad to cleanse my makeup off. Then I will add a touch more and massage into my skin, along with my hands and neck for added moisture to those areas before bedtime.

I've found olive oil to be great for my dry nails. it is also really good for your hair if you're finding the ends to be dry.

When purchasing olive oil to use on your skin, just buy what you'd use for cooking with. Look for extra virgin olive oil that says first press. This guarantees it's not processed at all and has the most antioxidants in it.
Olive oil has a natural sun protection of SPF 8, so you can also use it during the day to keep the sun rays off a bit without any harmful chemicals like regular sunscreen.
Olive oil is really great for so many things. It's also very inexpensive!

Check out this excellent quality olive oil

Papa Vince Fresh Harvest 2016, Family Made, 100% Unblended First Cold Pressed