Skiing in the City

4:07 PM Daniella Bella 0 Comments

I love to go skiing and just got home from going the second time this season. I know this is not a lot but for some reason we just haven't been going to much this year. I went up to Cypress mountain where we live in Vancouver. It's the most amazing ski hill. I really love it up there, it almost feels magical at times. I swear it must be the only or one of the few ski hills in the world where you can be looking at the ocean while you ski! Today was a little slushy on the slopes, but it was still alright. Can you believe it was actually about 7 degrees Celsius!! Talk about warm sunny conditions. I was actually skiing without my gloves for a while! never done that before... Next year I'm thinking to get a seasons pass or maybe a ten day pass. I just cant believe I've been living here so many years and just this February is my first time up there! BTW it's gorgeous city and mountain views on a clear day. Not the largest hill, and yest the weather can be temperamental, but it's such a short drive just 30 mins from the city! 

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