Euro Trip!!

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Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin Germany
 We're leaving to Europe the 2Oth of June for a month. Were going to be travelling all around from country to country. Were also doing a 3 day music festival at T in The Park in Scotland. I am super excited to the point that this is basically all I can think about!!

We're so indecisive with what to bring for luggage. We were tossing and turning between bigger back backs that we check in, or just carry on luggage.
I was SO set  on getting this pink duffle bag that doubles as a back pack too.
Then we seen of all the people, Claire Newell in the luggage department of the bay. She is from the Travels Best Bets segment on Global TV and all round traveling guru. Basically the perfect person to ask!! What a coincidence.

So my finance jay goes up to her and asks for her opinion. I never like to bother TV personalities because I figure they probably get harassed all the time. She was really cool though and helped us to decide. She said what ever you get make sure it has wheels. You don't want to be carrying around your luggage.
I was set on check in luggage, but Jays wanted something to fit in the overhead sized bin area....but for a month in Europe YIKES!
Anyways we ended up getting these cool back backs that are overhead bin sized.....which freaks me out just a bit....but they are pretty cool. And we can carry them if we need or wheel them which is great.
They do expand a bit so I'm glad I at least have that option. This is going to be the greatest challenge ever though. Its a little exciting to see if I can actually be this low maintenance. It means no hair styling tools. I don't think I even will have room for moisturizer. Minimal makeup and maybe 4 changes of close at the most!!! and that's with mixing and matching. Wish me luck!

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Emma said...

Hey Danielle :D

Have the most wonderful time, your back packs look perfect. We use the same kind of things when we travel, the wheels can come in very handy at times. How many countries are you going too? After Glasgow you should go to Edinburgh its a beautiful city. And if you can go up to the highlands of Scotland, the west coast is stunning. Hope your craft fair went really well, and you had fun,

Emma :D:D

HI Emma, we ended up going to The Netherlands first, with visiting Amsterdam and Kinderdyke to see the windmills.
Then we drove to Belgium and spent the night in Antwerp.
Next stop was Berlin, which I loved!!! Beautiful city.
Then we took the ICE to Munich. Weather was not nice there poured everyday. Saw the Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the highlights of my life!
We did go to Edinburgh and I really liked it there. Berlin and Edinburgh were my favorite cities.
We did the 4 day T in The Park concert. Crazy what goes on

Last stop on our trip was London. It was a beautiful city, but very expensive and busy!