Pickling Carrots

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Today I have decided to pickle carrots for the first time. I love everything with vinegar and paying $9 a pop for these where we live is too much when you consume them within a few minutes!

So I found a great blog with a simple friendly canning recipe. The blog is Foodess.com and here is a link to the reciepe http://www.foodess.com/2010/08/crunchy-carrot-pickles/.

A couple things I realized is that you need a really big pot if you want to fit all jars in at once. my pit is fairly large and would only fit 3 laying down to be sanitized and will fit about 4 standing up. So I wasn't able to all 9 jars like the recipe calls for. I sadly only got 3, but will be making more.

Another tip, make sure not to screw on the lids tightly when putting back in the boiling water. You want air to release (recipe will state this).
 I made a mistake and accidently left 1 inch of airspace when i should have only left 1/2 inch. I think I was reading too quickly and panicked as its my first time.

But they look delicious sitting in their jars cooling. I cant wait to try! I believe it is best to wait a few weeks at least before consuming for the best results. Carrots will last up to one year.

Oh, and if you live in Canada Canadian Tire has what you will need all year round. The rubbery tongs is a great replacment for the canning rack (which you really don't need).

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