Enjoy Your Life Today!

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I want to write a post about the guilt that society brings upon us.

I went for a late lunch today at the beach in White Rock near to where I live. It's so beautiful when the sun is shining and hard to resist as it's generally clouded over and raining where I live.

I figure hey you only live once, I want to enjoy my life and if its nice out, well then let's get out.
Anyways... I'm sitting in the restaurant thinking how stunningly amazing the sunset is, noticing how there really isn't a ton of people walking around, or even out and about for that matter. Well for obvious reasons, they're at work.
It's sad the way the corporate world is ruling society. We really have everything we need, god gave it to us and it was here for all. The land, the food, water, and air.
I feel this overwhelming guilty feeling and realization of the way society is and just how screwed up it all is. We are a generation of takers, depleting our beautiful earth of everything.

We only live this one life, why shouldn't we be enjoying every minute of it. Society has brained washed us to think that weekdays are for work. But in reality there is absolutely no difference between a weekday and the weekend, we as humans and society have made up fictitious differences between them. The government wants you to feel this way, the more money you make, the more money they get!
 Don't let this ever stand in the way of living. It's really sad that money means so much to some that they are willing to trade off living for it. But why do people work so much?? So they can retire and experience life...maybe that's what they're thinking. That isn't the case though. You may never know tomorrow, so don't stop living for today. It's better to have less, less consumerism, less material objects that hold no true value, less name brands, and more life!!

I can appreciate the finer things in life and am guilty as much as anyone, and do understand these things cost money, but I will never let this rule over who I am. If I can't afford it, I won't buy it, and will never feel the pressure to conform or fit into a materialized culture. Make sure what you buy is for you, and not to impress someone else. Don't work harder then you have to to "keep up".  Live a life of beauty and stop to smell the roses.

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