Tea Time

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So I have an obsession with tea. I don't think there's a day that goes by when I don't drink any. I feel it's the ultimate drink, its warm, its flavorful, and it's beneficial to your health.

Some of my favorites, are some of the unique flavors over at Davids Tea, I love their large organic selection too.

Tea has so many health benefits, and can help you to loose weight, here are some of the facts I know and which flavors provide the benefits.

Did you know Spearmint Tea is good for regulating your hormones, it can help baldness in Women as well as control hormonal Acne?

Green tea is excellent at keeping your weight down. Any time I have ever wanted to drop a couple pounds or I feel that "fat" feeling after over indulging I always turn to a cup of Green tea. It truthfully works to cut fat off your body, plus there are a ton of antioxidants, which are good for anti-aging, and helps to stop cancerous cell growth.

I love a Lemon and Honey tea for when I'm sick, add some honey to it will help to sooth your throat and stop that coughing , as well it offers anti-bacterial properties. It can also help to prevent cancer and heart disease.

White Tea is high in anti-oxidants but lower in caffeine then green Tea. So you can have all the great benefits of green without all those jitters.

Black Tea such as Red Rose (orange pekoe)  is nice for the morning or early afternoon as there is a lot of caffeine, its very good for your heart, and I have heard your skin and hair as well. I love the comforting taste of a cup with milk and honey.

Chai Tea is another of my favorites, the spices in it are very good for you as well as they have many anti-oxidant properties, and it's great for cardiovascular health. I love the traditional way of making it with boiling the spices your self and mixing with the black tea. Its excellent with milk and sugar, or honey.

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