Trends to Come for 2014

10:32 PM Daniella Bella 0 Comments

I'm really inspired and loving the new trends to come for 2014.

After shopping at H&M today I picked up their in store magazine and gave it a look through...well I can honestly say I'm really excited for whats to come.

Im loving the thicker eyebrows, thank god for this!! Forsakes when was it ever fashionable to wax your eyebrows off and fill them in (not a fan of this look). The makeup is very soft and neutral or a soft dusting of shawdow on the eyes.

For hair its kept natural, almost a wake up and go type of style. People are calling it "Paris Hair"  as this has been the trend there for the past couple of seasons.

But I can certainly appreciate the almost 70's era trends to come. I'm tired of the over done hair styles and makeup, and honestly I'm sure all women would like a break spending less time doing their hair!

Check out some images of hair and makeup from NYFW 2013.

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