Current Favorite Beauty Product Reviews

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Sometimes a girl shares her secrets and sometimes she would rather keep them to herself. Well today I am going to reveal some of my absolute favorite products that actually give me results!

EVO Fabuloso
I just started using EVO Fabuloso to keep my hair from fading between appointments. This product is truly amazing! It deep conditions as well as freshens up hair color. There's no ammonia or peroxide in it, so it's a gentle way to restore dull hair. It does come with an expensive price tag, but I feel its worth it.

Clarins UV Plus HP Multi Protection 

OK wow!!! This product is heavenly. I couldn't ask for a better sunscreen product. It works great as an everyday foundation. I don't even think of it anymore as sunscreen.
 I first got hooked on this product when I purchased it in the white cream color (neutral), but the second time around I seen they had a selection of different tones. It goes on silky and smooth, with an almost powder like finish to it. It gives you 40 SPF protection, and is a natural based sunscreen product. Highly highly recommend this lotion!
Clarins UV Plus Spf 40 Tinted available at 

Tactuo Gel

I have been dealing with sever acne for years now, all thanks to going off the birth control pill.
 The only thing that ever worked to clear it was a prescription of Doxycycline. I knew I couldn't continue to remain on these pills as they are so bad for us, as they literally kill the healthy bacteria in our digestive system.   Anyway for the 6 months I was on the Doxy, I had also received a prescription for Tactuo Gel or Epiduo Cream if your in the United States. I never used it though as the Doxy was enough to clear my acne, but when my prescription of Doxy was done I decided to give this a try.
Well along with my insane dose of herbs I take to keep acne at bay this seemed to be doing a great job at keeping acne to a minimum and to my surprise it works like nothing else to clear my face of scars.
Truthfully in my opinion this is the holy grail of acne creams. It's expensive at $100 a tube, but well worth it. Especially knowing the emotional damage acne can do to your self esteem. You will need a doctor to prescribe it, but please run don't walk to your nearest medical clinic and request Tactuo Gel you wont regret it.

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