My Wonderful Evening at Diner En Blanc Vancouver

10:29 PM Daniella Bella 0 Comments

Had one of the most extraordinary evenings of my life this past Thursday when I attended Diner en Blanc Vancouver. The visuals of seeing everyone in white was spectacular and when added with such an incredible landscape and view with False Creek on one side and high rises of Yale Town on the other; it felt like something out of a fantasy or fairy tail dream.

I felt truly honored when my friend Verna had asked me to go. I read in the Vancouver Sun that there is a wait list of 30,000 people and can take 3 years to go if you register to attend. So I definitely got lucky!

I never really have too many opportunities to dress up in life, so really enjoyed having the challenge of wearing all white, and dressing so formal.

It was the first year for both of us, so we came a little unprepared when looking around in comparison to other attendees. We were one of the only pair with out wheels to haul all of our stuff in. You could imagine how hard it was for two girls to carry a table and chairs along with our picnic stuff. Thankfully a guy came to our rescue and was able to cram our stuff on his dolly...phew!!

The shuttle bus takes all attendees to a secret location. I've never been surprised before, so this made the event extra special in my mind. When we arrived on location the set up blew me away. What a great job everyone had done for this special occasion.

There were ballet dancers, along with mimes, and the Vancouver Orchestra. Not to forget the extremely talented aerial performers.

Here are some pics from the event. I really hope I'm able to attend next year, and would say if you ever get the opportunity to go...go!!!

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