New Find On Etsy

10:38 AM Daniella Bella 0 Comments

I've been an avid Etsy shopper since around 2007, I believe when Etsy kind of first came about. I always love sharing my favorite shops and items I come across.

One great shop that I just happened to stumble upon the other night is Urbe Scarf. Within about 40 seconds I was at the check out. Now, even just looking back to get the link makes me feel regretful that I didn't purchase more of these beautiful scarves!

Zebra Scarf from Urbe Scarf on Etsy

All the adorable chic scarves are handmade by the shop owner herself, and what I feel really sets this scarf shop apart from the rest are the interesting designs of unique animal prints done in an eclectic stylish way.

There are also a great assortment of fabric jewelry which I have never tried yet, but now regret not ordering as these necklace/scarves are really calling my name.

Check out Urbe Scarf on Etsy for adorable affordable handmade accessories.

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