Green Smoothies... Daily

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I've been having a green smoothie everyday for about 2 weeks now. I used to make a smoothie here and there, (more like once or twice a month really), but never actually gave it 100% and made one everyday until now.
We have a Vitamix, and if you don't and have been thinking about getting one, they are worth every penny! There is nothing this thing won't blend up.

Green Smoothie 
With my daily smoothie dosing I swear I am feeling a difference. I've been keeping it simple by having the same produce on hand. For a single serving smoothie I use one apple, 1.5 celery sticks, 1-2 leafs of kale, fresh chunks of ginger a bit of orange juice (to ease blending) and 2 ice cubes.
The are so many benefits to smoothies. You keep all the fiber as opposed to juicing. With smoothies or juicing you are breaking down the enzymes so that your body and bloodstream absorbs the nutrients more quickly and concentrated (so I believe).

I'm not a huge fan of eating salads so this is really a drinkable salad and I feel like I have more energy. I've been waking up earlier everyday (even when going to sleep later) which is strange, but good!
Leafy greens provide protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, vitamin D and more. Ginger is anti-inflammatory, so it's great to help prevent cancer and many other illnesses.  It also helps with acne, and your digestive system plus provides a great zing to the taste of your smoothie.

Anyways, this was a bit of a boring post, but I just want to let you know it's so easy to incorporate smoothies into your daily life and up your veggie intake!

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