Valentines Day in Vancouver

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I don`t really think Valentines Day is any more important than any other day of the year, and I don`t think any single person should be made to feel that they are missing out on something special. Yet still I do use it as an excuse to go out and do something together.
This year we chose the city again, and kept the cost down.

We stayed at Le Soleil Hotel in Vancouver. We had never stayed there before and wanted to try something new. It has good ratings on Trip Advisor and I found it for a fair price on
It's a small boutique hotel on Hornby Street in downtown Vancouver. I would say it was good. Everything was clean, staff were friendly and rooms were comfortable. The only fault I found is that room service stops at 11pm, and I like a late night snack.

Executive Hotel Le Soliel Vancouver

After we checked into the hotel we went to our number one spot SMILE Thai massage. This place is heaven on earth, we've been going here for years and just love it, thankfully we had some gift cards to redeem.
For dinner we wanted to try a cheap but yummy alternative to a fancy restaurant. We thought to go to Stack House Burger on Granville. When the food finally came it was really good, but it took a painful 45 mins to receive our burger and fries....

We weren't sure what to do next, so I used the Yelp App on my phone to look for something good. Sure enough we came across this place called the Fanclub that happened to be just 2 blocks up from us. I wasn't sure how it would be, but the reviews seemed promising and they play live music,  I believe every night.... Well it was awesome!!! One of my new favorite spots in Vancouver. Great friendly staff, and a large open club. The stage is in the front corner, with a large bar and dance floor and even seating above. It was Mardi Gras Party Night and they had live Jazz music. We LOVED it!!! What a great time, people were so friendly and everyone just wants to let loose, there were no stuck up people around. 

The conclusion; Valentines day turned out great. No expectations, and no spending ridiculous amounts of money at some high end restaurant. 

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