Valentines Gifts for Him

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So Valentines day is coming up. The infamous day where every couple scrambles to come up with something nice to do or give, but where do you start. One of the toughest things about V-Day is buying for the man in your life. Especially for the man that already has everything...UGH.

Well I have thought of some great ideas that I'm sure he hasn't thought about to buy for least I hope not. A Valentines gift can be hard, it should either be romantic, or something with some meaning to it. I thought who wouldn't appreciate a gift from Hermes. Hermes is the ultimate luxury fashion label, most stuff is ridiculously over priced, but it is also something that is massively appreciated and held onto for life by most.

What about a nice quality Hermes Tie? Although its a bit pricey for a tie, the reality is this is still a very affordable gift for the one you love. Prices start at $210, and they have an excellent selection. In the end I don't thing anything for this price beats opening up that classic orange Hermes box.

Hermes Tie
Another great idea might be to plan a romantic day for the two of you. Keeping everything a surprise, such as dinner location and possibly a nice hotel. This is something that could really take a load off for him, as he may really be stressing as to what to do.

Executive Hotel Le Soliel Vancouver

Now my man says he likes flowers, and no I haven't bought him flowers before, I've been thinking about it and just might this V-Day (it honestly seems a little strange to me), but since he does, possibly there are more men out there that may really like some flowers as a symbol of appreciation and love. Just a thought :)

Something great that I really think we all can appreciate is a nice massage. Who doesn't want to have their sore muscles rubbed down in a relaxing environment? I truly think with this idea, you can never fail!! So maybe book a spa day for the 2 of you, or give a gift card to a spa for him to unwind.

If none of these ideas are hitting the mark, you can always give a nice quality box of chocolates (possibly from a local chocolatier), add some wine, and spend a romantic night together kissing....and such......

Whatever you choose to do , know that you should never feel too much pressure to find the perfect gift. If someone loves you they're going to love you for who you are and the effort you've put in, no matter what you give or do!

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