Fall Winter Essentials | Featuring Aritzia & Aldo

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I was just at Guildford mall yesterday with a girl friend trying my best not to spend money, but couldn't help but notice how many great items were available.
I thought I'd share some of my favorite picks for fall and winter. Classic items that will last through the whole season and beyond. When I shop I always shop with these 2 questions in mind; will I wear this by next year and if the quality will hold up. The pieces I've chosen to share I believe have both those qualities.
Fresa Boots $150 Aldo.com
First we went into Aldo and I happened to notice these boots straight away. I was really drawn to them. So much so I convinced my friend to buy them.

What I like about them:

1. The thicker rubber soul, it's perfect for slippery nights or a slight dusting of snow. The color's not too light to show too much dirt and camel always looks great with so many fall winter colors.
2. The heel is a perfect height; you'll add length but not pain.
3.They're a perfect length up the leg to wear with the new shorter style pants that are HUGE this season called Culottes.

Next up is an absolute winter essential, a warm coat.

Borda Coat $325 from Aritzia.com

I bought this coat a month or so ago from Aritzia and I absolutely love it! It's a wool cashmere blend that's done very well. I felt my last wool coat was very heavy and stiff so I wanted to make sure this one felt light and soft. You HAVE to be comfortable and warm! I also love the fact this one has a hood.
Living in Vancouver you're always caught in the rain, and the hood has already come in handy many times. This coat feels almost like a robe, trust me it's that comfortable. It's also very warm. If you've never bought a wool coat from Aritzia I can promise for the money you won't find a better one. they may seem a tad pricey but they're worth every penny and you'll have it for years.

A skirt worn multiple ways

Jude Skirt $125 Aritzia.com

Pleats are big this season, this skirt from Aritzia is an excellent way to incorporate a fashion trend into your wardrobe, but also making it very practical.
This skirt can be worn so many ways. Worn with a crop top for evening, worn with a blouse or sweater for work, and paired with some chunky boots for an edgy day time look.
 I feel this skirt looks better in person as the pleats were very nice and stood out. It can also be brought into spring and summer so it doesn't miss a season.

A chunky sweater

Severin Sweater $175 from Aritzia
  A nice knit sweater is always a staple in any wardrobe. You'll find times to pull this out no matter what.
 I love this one for the slits up the side. It would look great with pleather pants and an edgy heeled boot, or even a nice flat riding boot and some jeans. I love the chunky cable knit and feel that it always looks more refined and classic, that's just my opinion. Aritzia also had other styles similar to this without the turtle neck as I know some aren't big on feel up to their ears in a sweater.

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