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For the Women

I go in and out of phases where I remember to wear a fragrance everyday, and sometimes forget. Right now I'm in my fragrance phase..more like addicted stage...and I thought with Christmas coming up it's a good time to talk about some that I highly recommend as you may be thinking of gift ideas.
 Shop for Escada Fiesta Carioca nowThe first one is the latest addition to my collection. Since purchased I've worn it everyday (I find it THAT addicting) Even giving myself a spritz before bed.
 It's the 25th Anniversary fragrance Fiesta Carioca by Escada. It's another limited edition of theirs that offers a fresh exotic scent of fruit on top of a musky woody background. It's so incredible and although it may be a summer sent I quite like it for winter since it really picks you up from the gloomy weather. 

The next is a lifetime all round favorite, probably my number one choice of any perfume. That is Chanel No.5. This fragrance offers such a powdery scent. It's so classic it's hard to describe. It isn't old lady to me, it's just perfect. I recommend getting the Eau de Parfum as it will last all day on your skin. It's simply divine.
 Chanel No.5 Eau de Parfum

This next fragrance is something that's perfect if you're in a playful mood, feeling sexual or I think going to the club. The reason I say going to a club (or any social venue to pick up men) is that for me to smell sweet is very attractive and if you're single I think it's a very alluring scent. Who doesn't like cake or doughnuts?? The fragrance is Sexual Sugar by Michel Germain. This is a sweet sent but not too sugary that it smells cheap, if that makes any sense. 
 Sexual Sugar

There's one more for women I'd like to mention that I feel is a real classic and that is Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana.
 Dolce Eau de Parfum
This is Dolce and Gabbana's signature scent. It's a definite classic and offers a possible slightly more youthful scent than Chanel No.5 but still very ultra classic and good for all ages. 

For the men
 Le Nuit De Le'Homme by YSL

This is a gorgeously deep scent. I bought this for my man last year and I'm still obsessed every time he wears it. He loves it too.  It's La Nuit De L'Homme by YSL and believe me it's really good, you won't want to stop smelling him. The top notes are lavender, bergamot and cardamom with a woody cedar and black pepper. It's very dark and rich. I highly recommend this as a gift!

 Buy Chanel Bleu here

This is a repeat year after year with my man. I actually bought this twice for him, he ran out of it so quickly I was surprised and hey, I have no clue what to buy him usually, so I thought this one again...and as you can see it's nearing empty already.
It's Chanel, so pretty much that right there tells you it's good. It's a very classic scent that doesn't steer too far in any direction. Just a nice clean scent that I feel would be a safe bet for most any man. It has woody notes but citrus ones too. It's very well created and blended perfectly. May possibly be the most perfect and safest fragrance. You'll have to try it to know what I mean!

This last one is oh so good. My man's had it for a few years now, but I love it like the first day. It's unique, ultra rich and chocolaty (well that's what we get from it).
It's Very Irresistible for men by Givenchy. It doesn't mention chocolate when you google it, but that's what I get as well as my man says. Anyway, it does mention coffee, mint cedar and grapefruit. This is a fragrance I would recommend for someone who likes a bit deeper scent. Perfect for winter as it's very warm and chocolaty. :)

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