Breakaway to the Sunshine Coast/ What to do, Where to Stay

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The Sunshine Coast is beautiful, and the best part is it's very close to Vancouver, with the ferry ride being only about 40 mins, you could be there in just over an hour.

We went over the other day just for one night, although I would have preferred much longer...
Francis Point Hike
I feel as if it's a whole new world, so close to the hustle of Vancouver but yet worlds away,  peaceful and much slower paced. The people are all so friendly; we didn't encounter one rude person what-so-ever. You feel free to relax unwind and not worry about how you look, or traffic, or anything! No stress.

The larger cities/towns on the Sunshine Coast are Gibsons and Sechelt. I've been to Gibsons once before to eat at the famous Molly's Reach (where they filmed The Beachcombers), but we didn't end up going this time round.
Francis Point Hike
We did stop in Sechelt for an awesome and HIGHLY recommended meal at The Basted Baker. Tried their Lemon + Chive Smashed Avocado Benny, and my man had their Local Smoked Salmon Benny. Out of the two I would say his was better, but they were both incredibly good!
We then walked around town and along the ocean promenade. I did notice it can be pretty windy there so come prepared.

We drove a bit up the coast to Madeira Park, it's a small community in Pender Harbour with a small quaint village. We did a really beautiful hike there to Francis Point. It was just perfect if you want something to get your heart rate up a bit but nothing too hard. It was along the ocean so it was very scenic, in my opinion it was a perfect hike, and highly recommended.

For dinner there's a nearby pub that's fairly popular in the area about 5-10 mins up the highway called The Grasshopper Pub. I had the butter chicken which seems odd for a pub, but if you like your typical butter chicken you'll really like this, it was nice and spicy filled with flavor!

In the Hospital Bay where La Verne's Grill is 
For accommodations there are many places to stay in the area, if you're into luxury you can stay at the Painted Boat Resort, or the unique Rockwater Resort  where you stay in luxurious tents ( I stayed here once before and highly recommend this, especially if you're looking for something different). If you're on a budget or just don't feel the need for luxury I really recommend Stonewater Motel, they are very pet friendly and the lady that runs it is extremely friendly, they also offer camping as well. We stayed here without any reservations with our dog, so I was really happy to have found a bed! If you're looking to rent a cabin I seen Pender Habour Resort offers cabins and yurt Rentals along with campsites. They have a nice pool and are situated right on the water at the marina.

The next day we did a little hike at Daniel Point (hard to find) , then drove around and had lunch at La Verne's Grill, I really liked the slow pace and old school charm here... it was a nice treat to sit in the sun outside on the picnic table enjoying some ice cream. The whole vibe of the Sunshine Coast really brings you back to a time when life was slow paced, I think you'll really appreciate it ;) 

La Verne's Grill

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