Moisturize the Natural Way...Using Olive Oil

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It's a shame I have a drawer filled with drugstore beauty products, but I haven't been using them at all lately! I've gone natural I guess you could say, but I will use them again in the fall.

For the sunnier weather I've really been enjoying using olive oil on my skin. It's such a perfectly balanced form of hydration for your skin. It soaks in well, and if you happen to put too much on just lightly pat your face with a tissue to absorb any extra.
I've been finding olive oil to be really great before bed, I even rub it on my face then use a cotton pad to cleanse my makeup off. Then I will add a touch more and massage into my skin, along with my hands and neck for added moisture to those areas before bedtime.

I've found olive oil to be great for my dry nails. it is also really good for your hair if you're finding the ends to be dry.

When purchasing olive oil to use on your skin, just buy what you'd use for cooking with. Look for extra virgin olive oil that says first press. This guarantees it's not processed at all and has the most antioxidants in it.
Olive oil has a natural sun protection of SPF 8, so you can also use it during the day to keep the sun rays off a bit without any harmful chemicals like regular sunscreen.
Olive oil is really great for so many things. It's also very inexpensive!

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